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January 2008
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lightsabers247 [userpic]
modern-day Yuna

It's so wierd........I feel like I can relate to various video game characters with my new haircut, but it's actually not that easy. In terms of hair, I mean. My hair is too short to be Rinoa's and too long to be Yuna's (the one on my background image). So I'm having a hard time deciding who I should dress up as for April's BBG fest. I go every year, and I haven't actually cosplayed yet. I dressed Japanese-style but I didn't dress as a specific character....but this year that's about to change. I'm thinking of going with a friend, and while she isn't really into anime, perhaps I can get her addicted. ;)  [muhahahaha] Yeah.. and something is horribly wrong with my keyboard!!  >:O Don't even ask. Anywho, who should I cosplay as?? Here are my top choices:

Cardcaptor Sakura (!!)

....or some other character you know of that resembles me??

HEY - HERE'S AN IDEA!!  or.........I could cosplay  as a GUY and my friend (who's a girl) could cosplay as a girl. XD !!!!!!!!!!!!! We should so do that. What do you think?

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NYC lolita


Im a local lolita in NY too, if it gets warmer maybe you would like to meet me and my other lolita freinds( I only have a few not many) at kinokuniyas . Im looking for some lolitas too to meet because it feels a bit lonly like you said :)

Re: NYC lolita

Yeah! That would be awesome! ^^

Re: NYC lolita

awsome, i will look foward to meet you. is just been so cold lately and i have doctor appts. I hope it gets warmer soon^^


Here are my photos from the meetup:


Also, can you give me the LJ names of the girls who attended the meetup? I want to show them my pics as well.



P.S: Can I add you as a friend?

hi! thanks for the link :)
their LJ names are zencandy, sakuralenayuy, gmperkins, and bloodywaffles.

sure! you can add me both on LJ and Flickr.

Lolita Meet

Hello, I would love to come to your meet up this year, but how do i RSVP?

Re: Lolita Meet

Oh, to RSVP just leave a comment on my post about the meetup and say that you're coming, and if you're bringing someone along, you can indicate that too. ^_^ I'll post the RSVP list of people who are coming and might be coming sometime in April or early May. :]

Re: Lolita Meet

P.S. I sent you a friend request on Facebook - I'm Aleksandra. :]

Today was fun! ^^

Thanks for inviting me to the meetup and although it was just you, your mom and I it was all around a perfect garden day ^^
Hope to see you at the frillidelphia meetup on the 6th, or any other meetup for that matter, sorry if i was a lil awkward with the talking its just nice to know that someone out there likes the stuff i do -^^-.
So see you around or on egl, whichever comes first lol :3
Oh and heres my number just in case! 347 545 6594
Bai Bai :3

Re: Today was fun! ^^

oh no prob! :D Thanks for coming :D It was fun!

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