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January 2008
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lightsabers247 [userpic]
people problems

If there's one thing that the world has very little of (other than oil) it's chivalry. Or at least the concept of respect. No matter how often schools stress the fact that we have to be respectful to one another, most people would choose to do otherwise. Though not the worst case scenario, pointing out that someone is skinny ISN'T a compliment, for the simple reason that it's the same as pointing out that someone is fat. Which I'm sure no one would like to hear, even if they know they are. The point here is, if you know you're skinny or not, why should people have to tell you? It's none of their business to judge who you are; you aren't saying anything about THEIR appearance. The sad truth is, "most people" are subconsciously (or rather openly) jealous of each other, for no particular reason, other than they have something that they don't or they look different from them. BIG DEAL. We're all different. No use in pointing that out every second of our lives. But keep in mind that "most people" are also either partially or completely stupid and ignorant of everything that doesn't have to do with themselves, so there's no use pointing out to them that they're wrong because they're too stupid to admit that they're wrong, even if some of them have half a brain to realize.

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